Xavier Brisoux X Isabelle Soum
Hephæstus’ Pit

Isabelle Soum x Xavier Brisoux
This piece is the latest in the collaborative work of the artists. The duo has questioned their creative process to convey ebullition. The idea was to evoke the mood of the mythological blacksmith’s forge : Hephaestus. They picture the atmosphere of the place as boiling, inflamed and metallic and that is translated with the use of a shiny polyester yarn and a copper resin. The iridescence of materials refers to molten metals while the general shape of the sculpture stands as a volcano. The process of creating this work has been complex because the materials involve different parameters. Unexpected yet controlled chemical reactions raised questions : when does chemistry play tricks on us and when does it transcend itself to become alchemy ? Did Hephaestus really always master all the parameters of his work ? Or was there a part of chance that turned his armours and weapons into goldsmith ?

Polester and resin - 32cm x 28cm x 15cm
Photographs © Isabelle Soum