Xavier Brisoux X Isabelle Soum

Isabelle Soum x Xavier Brisoux
This piece was created as a submission to the textile competition MiniArtextil, based in Como, Italy. It was selected as one of the pieces of art for the touring exhibition of year 2017/ 2018. The theme that was proposed to the entrants was “Borderline”. In order to correlate with the inspiration and push even further their creative process the duo has worked in two steps. At first, Xavier Brisoux creates a knitted piece that Isabelle Soum use to create a mould of silicone. This cast then becomes a vessel for the final sculpture where another piece of knitwear is dipped into resin. The intention with this process is to question the line between the object and the image of the object, its image, its representation. The resin mimics the knit to blur the two textures and make the softness of cotton mix with the hardness of the epoxy resin.

The artwork has been exhibited in :
Ex Chiesa di San Francesco in Como, Italy in October 2017 ;
Le Beffroi in Montrouge, France in February 2018,
Le Chateau du Val Fleury in Gif-sur-Yvette, France in March 2018,
Museo Del Tessile in Busto Arsizio, Italy in May 2018.
The piece has been awarded the annual Montrouge prize and has been purchased by the city of Montrouge, France.

Cotton and resin - 18cm x 20cm x 14cm
Photographs © Isabelle Soum